Women looking for sex no email needed

Because they’re so important that they don’t think the rules apply to them.

Because they travel a lot and are frequently exposed to temptation.

John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant – we can probably make a list of most politicians, athletes and rock stars. Because they’re perpetually attracted to new women.

Because they’re high profile, rich, ambitious men who are desirable to these women.

This is why men can know if they would sleep with you in less than five seconds. I think it’s largely based on societal reinforcement.But make no mistake, monogamy is a choice, not a natural state.Anyway, in my estimation, the male sex drive has nothing to do with kindness or personality or compatibility.–Cat Dear Cat, Thoughtful and provocative question, and I’m going to attempt to tackle it even though I’m no therapist, historian or biologist.First off, I want to acknowledge that everything you wrote, in my estimation, is true.

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