Updating sql 2016 to 2016

SQL Server 2016 introduces a new feature that allows you to view the Live Execution Statistics for your active query, showing the run-time execution statistics for each execution plan operator such as the number of rows, the time required by each operator and the operator and overall execution progress, without waiting for the query execution to finish.It allows you to track the data flow between the operators in real time one by one till the query execution completed.The module introduces the use of JOINs in T-SQL queries as a mechanism for retrieving data from multiple tables.This module explains how to enhance queries to limit the rows they return, and to control the order in which the rows are displayed.By finding the most optimal compromise between these factors the most efficient execution plan can be generated.

The output of the parsing process will be passed to the Algebrizer which is responsible for resolving different objects names within the databases used in the query.

It introduces the many types of numeric and special-use data types.

It also explains conversions between data types, and the importance of type precedence.

The main purpose of this instructor led course is to give students a good understanding of the Transact-SQL language which is used by all SQL Server-related disciplines; namely, Database Administration, Database Development and Business Intelligence.

As such, the primary target audience for this course is: Database Administrators, Database Developers and BI professionals.

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