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PEa CE, since its inception, has been operational with the support of its donors.Nuwan, a 17 years old Advanced Level school boy from Dehiowita is the elder son of a family consisting of four members.Once you send the application form,you can not change the information you filled in. And if there is an information error, ETA will not be approved and your entry to Sri Lanka will be rejected.So please make sure you have all the correct information.With kind regards, Ravi Ravi Pratap Singh Visited 07/03/08OUR SEA TURTLES Marine turtles have been roaming the world's oceans for about 190 million years.

I request you to convey our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Roy , in particular.Even female turtles that have hauled themselves up the beach to nest are killed and their eggs are stolen.The result of this global over exploitation is that this highly successful group of animals, which managed to survive with the dinosaurs, has become critically endangered.ETA can be applied as many times as you wish, but please remember each application will cost you USD98 and there is no re-fund.Every time you apply for ETA, the personal information will relay on your latest application.

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