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It is an unjust stealth tax.‘There should not be charges for anyone, whether you go for a week or a day, because it is not a luxury to park at a hospital.‘What better way could there be to show that we care about the NHS than if we scrapped unfair hospital parking charges.’He added: ‘The Department of Health guidance is not working.

Some of the charges have gone down a little bit, but there are too many places where people are paying a huge whack.’Of the 315 hospitals that provided figures to Mr Halfon, 147 have increased their hour rates since 2014 by an average of 71p.

The group is an intentional multicultural space, but all queer and transgender people are welcome.

This group will provide a space to exchange information, get support, eat good food, have fun, build community, and take some time to imagine and discuss the journey of building queer families.

Jeremy Hunt (left) in 2014 demanded that people should be able to get to get to hospitals ‘as conveniently and economically as possible’.

Former Tory minister Robert Halfon (right) will next week introduce a Bill in the Commons demanding that all parking charges are scrapped Figures released at the end of last year showed NHS hospitals in England are making more money than ever from car park charges – more than £120million in 2015/16.

Patients and visitors are paying up to £4 for an hour’s parking as health bosses seek to profit from what was branded a ‘stealth tax’ on the sick.• Aloha Pride Center (serving Hawaii's LGBTQIA communities)call 545-2848 for info Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Cultural Foundation, 941-0424, ext.18 PFLAG-Oahu (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays), 672-9050 American Friends Service Committee (Gay Liberation Project), 988-2184 Camaron is a multicultural support group for queer women and transgender people who want to build their families.Front Range Gay Fathers (FRGF) is a family-oriented organization that understands the challenges of and welcomes two father couples/single gay fathers and their children wanting to build friendships, socialize, support, grow and promote our well-being with other like-minded families in a fun-focused and comfortable environment.Georgia• COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) Greater Atlanta: Support and Community for kids 8 with one and/or more LGBT parent in the greater Atlanta area.

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