Questions from the dating game tv show

These mini games would award successful contestants with a crystal that would account for five seconds of time in the end game, the Crystal Dome.Games were supposedly chosen from one of four categories, mystery, physical, skill, mental.Games were a mixture of heavily physical activities, often involving climbing, water, or crawling through tight spaces, and there were a few puzzles and dexterity challenges thrown in.The games were interspersed with some truly terrible 'acting' sequences featuring Leslie trying to portray a tough and gruff space marine.The four segments, or time zones of Aztec, Industrial (later replaced with Ocean), Medieval, and Future were a joy for the younger viewer, and made the show so much more interesting to watch.The time zones also affected the style of games in each zone.

There was even a game where the contestant simply had to connect two wires to a battery, and this also caused plenty of confusion.

Then there were the games that courted the ridiculous and sadistic.

Games that were so tricky, they were clearly designed to make fun of those competing. Here the challenge was to simply walk along a pole that was suspended above water to retrieve a crystal on the other side. This had to be done with a long, hooked pole that could reach and carry the cage holding the crystal, on a pole, which seemed to be large and sturdy, that spun around, and only got worse when it got wet.

It was basically a money grab wind chamber, with money replaced by gold and silver tokens.

The team needed 100 gold tokens after the deduction of any silver tokens to win various prizes.

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