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“Ever loves acting and she was really incredible,” Jovovich said with pride.

“It’s amazing as a mother to see her as a professional, enjoying being on set, memorizing lines; and with the baby it was just surreal.

From Jovovich's uncanny Billy Idol impression for her performance of his hit "White Wedding" to Rose's death defying entrance for her rendition of Pink's "Raise Your Glass," both badass babes brought the heat.

Wearing a spiky blonde wig and a red vest that hung open to reveal a faux six-pack, 41-year-old Jovovich brought Idol to life right down to the fist pumps and pelvic thrusts.

29, in Hollywood, holding onto her baby bump while looking ravishing in a red Donna Karan dress, and she had some exciting news to share.

" Jovovich, 38, who's married to director Paul W. She's like, ' We don't need to buy her anything, Mama.

I'll give you one clue, one of the lines is "motherf$cker say what??

She took on Meredith Brooks's 1997 hit "Bitch." So who won?

Ultimately, Jovovich brought home the champion's belt but you can watch the video at top and decide for yourself!

caught up with the model turned actress at the Chanel No.

5 L’EAU Dinner in West Hollywood Thursday night, where she discussed the last movie in the franchise, the appropriately named “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” Despite being her sixth “Resident Evil” film, shooting “The Final Chapter” was a unique experience.

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