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It was just two weeks after the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran and took power that the New York Times reported how Yasser Arafat had accepted an invitation to visit Teheran. Arafats group had sent arms to the [Iranian] revolutionary forces in the last four months and had trained Iranian guerillas since the early 1970s.

So much so that Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states cracked down on their Palestinian populations.

He also asked Iran to work fast to end this bloody and savage war which the Israeli government has been waging for eight solid months.

Palestinian prime minister Mahmoud Abbas resigned last month after Arafat refused to hand over control of the security forces Abbas said he needed to make Hamas and Islamic Jihad halt their suicide bombings.

Wrote the New York Times: Bantering and grinning, the guerrilla leader declined to furnish details about support the PLO had given to various Iranian guerrilla organizations. Arafat, the first prominent visitor to Iran since the revolution, said the Palestinian and Iranian aims were identical.

We will continue our efforts until the time when we defeat imperialism and Zionism, he said.

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