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Breakups lead to delusional behavior, and recovery often begins with role-playing — pretending you’re confident when your skin barely feels thick enough to hold in your own bones. Less normal was what happened in 1996, when Swingers — a low-budget, independent film written by an unknown named Jon Favreau — slowly found its way into the hands of forlorn twentysomethings looking for a new way to party.

It was a movie about feelings for guys learning to be men, predating the modern Apatovian bromance by years. Distribution seemed like a pipe dream and then it bombed at the box office.

I don't respect your beliefs and I don't care if you're offended. Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, welcome to my website.

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Here’s a selection of correspondence from people who are less than pleased with some of my opinions. i want to cut your stomach open, so that you see your black heart, and strangle you with your intestines. They could only properly confirm it with one phrase: “You’re so money, and you don’t even know it.” Hearing that helped. You bought vintage bowling shoes, threw on some Sinatra, and pretended to understand the virtues of single-malt scotch. You’d start introducing your best friends as “the Guy Behind the Guy” while secretly praying somebody would see something redeeming in you.* i am a muslim and i dnt believe this beast/freak or watever u call him should post videos about religions. * Listen old man, your time is expired stop preaching racism and go get an education before I get a sword and run it over your damn throat * u know u keep makin vids like this one and ull get jumped,hope u do * ur a faggot you british jew nigger * GET A LIFE YOU SAD LITTLE MAN ENJOY YOUR MARK OF THE BEAST WHEN THEY SHUV IT INTO YOUR HAND SOON AND THEN WHEN YOU FIND OUT THERE IS A HELL I WILL WATCH YOU BURN IN IT LIKE THE SATAN LOVING MAN THAT YOU ARE * OK FAGGOT.going to KICK YOUR ASS YOU FUCK HEAD IM GONNA KICK UR FAIRY ASS AND CASTRATE YOU AND CURB STOMP YOU YOU FAIRY FUCK. and while you are in midair, I will be waiting on the ground to blast you with my shotgun. * fuck jews they killing our ppl they stealing our lands and jobs and go on we must kill them all 1 by 1 with knife and machete ! * fuck u bitch i iwll kill u * Islam will rule soon and then its bye bye Condell.He is causing so much hatred and also danger to himself lets pray to Allah that a brick goes through his window, or even summat worse hopefully rot in hell byeee * guess what pat? * u racist piece of shit u should kill yourself u motherfucking jew lover GO KILLYOURSELF! BURN IN HELL YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU SHOULD GO CUT YOUR WRISTS AND SHOVE A CHAINSAW UP YOUR ASS YOU FUCKING FAG.. and as you hit the floor, I will be watching and laughing. Christians aren’t the root of all evil, self-righteous assholes that think they know what’s best for everyone else are. But, like Albert Einstein I believe in intelligent design. * PLEASE HAVE A HEART ATTACK * this dirty old jew rabbi thinks he is god lets see how breave he is when someone catch him and hang him upside down and cuts his body open then let see if he still remain atheist this is a good test for them * u fucking white is your problem against islam wtf do you no about u jus read fuking articles on news, that islam is responsible for terroism acts the way u goin mate u r going to get shot * You openly decalare that you hate islam. With enough complaints, youtube will have to listen to us.

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