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The phone would probably work even better using a terrestrial high speed internet service.

ooma says they pride them selves on the fact they are unlimited, a word of warning for anyone who may need to use there phone alot, for forwarding calls etc.

We live in a condo and the front door buzzer is linked to our telephone.

It seems to me that if we used this we wouldn't be able to open the door for visitors. Their documentation doesn't touch on this, which suggests it cannot do what I need!

For me, I have had very good success with the OOMA system. and if you want reliability, this telephone is not for you.

While there are no monthly fees, the handsets seem to un-pair for no apparent reason ... I'll never know, as the the "chat line" people will not look into trouble shooting other than for routine problems. In short, VOIP may be the telephone of the future, but it sure has teething problems now.

Everyone in the household or guests should be aware of this fact. After 3 months I started having problems, I can't call some of my contacts I get a busy signal, after calling them twice they haven't been able to fix my problem, in a week's time ooma will be history for me and I hope Best Buy will return my money.

This has been going on for 6 months now, each month going through the same process. Went back to normal câble phone service and all is good now.

I have been with Ooma almost two years with no problems. I have premier service which gives a 2nd number that we use for out of town relatives to call so it is local for them. The call blocking features are great, rarely do we get telemarketers interrupting our dinners anymore. 5 stars all the way I have gone through many different voice over IP providers.

there unlimited plan caps out at 5000 minutes a month.

They advertise it as unlimited but it is not unlimited.

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