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It contains various options that are only used in relatively unusual collection scenarios.

The fields should only be set under the direction of the developer.

If the plugin parameters specify that an XMLTV file is to be created then it depends on the use made of the XMLTV file.

This is available either by right clicking on the desktop icon or by navigating to the file EPG and right clicking on it.

A message will appear when the collection process is complete, normally within a minute or two.

If the collection did not work Select Window - Collection Parameters to adjust the parameters, save them and try again.

At a minimum the Tuning tab will need to be completed identifying the delivery system and frequency or channel that is to be used.

Select a preset task or if none of the tasks in the list are appropriate select Custom Parameters.If the DVBLink Server process was stopped it can be restarted manually.The EPG Collector for DVBLogic should appear in the list at the top of the tab.Getting started ================== 2.1 Installing the software =========================== The package is available as a Windows Installer file (msi) or as a zipped collection of files.The package does not install any drivers or Direct Show filters, nor does it store or alter any registry settings.

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