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Western women on the other hand are mostly repelled by the idea of Asian women and we can understand why the competition brings hatred.

And that means I need to start working on a new one!

I’m having trouble getting a feel for the characters in my new WIP, so I turned to a couple of character profile questionnaires I’ve saved from writing blogs and forums over the years.

) Likes: Sunkist, pens, movies – especially Disney and Romantic Comedies, pop music, country music, cute boys of Hollywood; desserts – especially chocolate cakes, ice cream, books, karaoke, dancing (like a dork) Dislikes: cutting toenails, lying, condescending people, life sometimes, phone calls Fears: being alone forever, rejection, failure, snakes – SNAKES Goals: to be a full time writer one day, to live in different places all over the world Hobbies: reading and writing, mainly; singing badly whenever the opportunity arises Occupation: Customer Sales Associate (a.k.a.There is no cure for Tourette's, and people who have the syndrome often cannot control or suppress their tics.Instead of hoping for a cure, the Tourette Association of America suggests that people with the syndrome "get it out of the way early," when it comes to dating.I thought filling out the questionnaire for an actual person might help me get over my issues.And then I thought filling it out for myself would be even better, and probably more fun.

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    1975-2002, civil war for independence followed by random killing; about 500,000 Umbundu-Ovumbundu in genocidal suppression campaigns. Argentina: During the rule by the “Colonels,” 1976-1983: at least 20,000, probably 30,000; Jews, Communists, leftists, dissidents.

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    “Globalization”–as nebulous a term as it is–plays a factor here as well.