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The “zone” that creative people speak of, when one soars to a higher level, is definitely familiar to Metheny.

“The best musicians I know are also, without exception, the best listeners,” he feels. I’ve never experienced it to the degree that I did with that band.

He was kind enough to interrupt some down time by talking guitar perhaps more extensively than he ever has, and he allowed VG to shoot some of the more distinctive pieces in his extensive guitar collection.

Metheny’s most recent release is the DVD The Unity Sessions, with his Unity Band members – bassist Ben Williams, drummer Antonio Sanchez, and saxophonist Chris Potter – augmented by Giulio Carmassi on piano, flugelhorn, and vocals.

That seemed to be a non-negotiable aspect of what the goal was.

Do you remember the first electric guitar you ever saw?

The list of artists who’ve recorded his compositions is even longer and wider.

In the guitar department, he’s collaborated with Goodrick, “Sco” (as he calls John Scofield), Bill Frisell, and Jim Hall.

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