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Older women have limited patience for the shenanigans of youth, so stick to these five no-fail rules and you will be dating older women in no time.The hardest part of going to a new country is figuring out the optimum game that works on local women.In Industrial Shithole, there are only five major clubs even though the city population has around 1 million people.Compare that to the dozens of clubs in Washington DC, which if you don’t count the suburbs has a smaller population (about 500,000 people). When you’re gaming in a new country, and you’re insecure about what to do, you lose a lot of your edge as you put extra attention into soaking in your new environment instead of getting laid.You’ll generally know what kind of humor to use when she tries to crack jokes with you. Either the girls go out in mixed set groups, they like to sit at tables instead of lingering by the bar, or they prefer mega-clubs that are painfully loud.If you only stick to night game, you’ll severely limit both the quantity and quality that you can get.Every city has a place where girls are easy to meet, whether it’s a trendy coffee shop, grocery store, university library, or what have you, and from day one you need to walk around and find where that place is. You also will suspect, usually rightfully so, that girls are not as easy as American sluts.Even though this is the case, foreign girls don’t punish you for escalation.

There’s a lot of variance in countries within these two regions so you’ll have to hack at it further to see higher results, but this world game will get you a lot farther than basic American game. She will not think you are a weak man or assume that you’re in love with her like an American girl would.You could also take a girl out to an inexpensive dinner instead of only doing bar dates if that makes feel you more comfortable.Buying small things for girls in other countries often gives you faster access to her pussy.It’s the foreign way of saying, “I like you, do you like me? The two looks I rock is black v-neck and jeans or collared shirt with skinny tie.It doesn’t matter where I go—these two will not be objectionable to women.

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