Albie and lindsey still dating

ALBERT MANZO – Remember how much fun I used to have up here with other women that are not you? This season, in episodes 5 and 11, Albie and Christopher talked about it again (see transcript below), and Caroline admitted Al was absent a lot throughout their marriage: Caroline and her kids are in her Hoboken apartment, talking as she cooks.

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Indeed Cantin's illness only cemented the bond between him and Dina has, according to the source: 'looked after him and wooed him during his illness.Cantin separated from his wife, Melissa, more than a year ago and filed for divorce in January.Until recently he was co-owner and vice president of the hugely successful Hyundai dealership Brad Benson Auto Group based in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.The blogger who runs All About The, who says she speaks with the Real Housewives of New Jersey regularly: 'The relationship has been going on for over a year and the Manzo family are not happy about it.They may put a public face on it but Tommy and Dina are still legally married and Dave Cantin is also married with two children.

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