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David threatened Cricket that he would cut up her face and she would never model again if she didn't stay out of his business.Cricket told Nina, but Nina was so in love she didn't believe her.Cricket exposed the information to Nina, but she had already learned about it from Diane, and also that David was plotting to murder both Nina and Phillip.While she was with Danny in New Jersey, Cricket found a jeweler who identified the brooch as belonging to Rebecca Harper.So Rose abandoned Nina on the delivery table, and kidnapped her newborn son.Nina and Cricket did manage to track down Rose, and saw a couple leave with a newborn baby just before they were kidnapped by a man in a van.(Joke: A former Y&R actor.) Instead, the surgeon carved the word KILLER on his forehead and fled while David was under the anesthetic.David returned to Genoa City as "Jim Adams" with makeup over the scar on his forehead, hair dyed gray, a mustache and a southern accent.

Nina had a son, Phillip IV, and she and Phillip III married.

Meanwhile, David stole a body from the morgue, planted it in his hospital bed, and set it on fire to fake his own death.

David coerced a plastic surgeon to make him look like David Hasselhoff.

Then Nina set her sights on her only friend Cricket's boyfriend, Phillip Chancellor III, heir to the Chancellor fortune.

Nina got Phillip drunk, seduced him, and ended up pregnant.

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